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An aperitif before dinner, enjoyable moments by the fireplace or a late nightcap. The Alpenhof Roots Bar is popular with guests and locals alike. The best way to find out the reason is to visit for yourself.

The ambience

Our modernized bar offers many cozy spots and retreats.
Between old-looking oak parquet flooring and sunburnt spruce from the Bavarian mountains,
you may relax and come to rest. The design is modern-casual with an alpine touch,
the noble linen and wool fabrics spread a lot of warmth.

Our bar concept

During a hike through the "Ammergau mountains", the idea for this name came to us when we passed a rock surrounded by roots. The power of nature and the strength of the roots excited and inspired us. Roots extend in all directions - and this is also reflected in the expansiveness of our cocktail creations.
We use everything that the surrounding nature offers us and makes life here so worth living. A responsible use of the resources we are offered every day fills us with pride in our daily work. We process the natural ingredients in our exciting creations. In addition to using local ingredients, our attention is also focused on constantly surprising our guests and sending them on a sensory journey with creativity and ambition.

We will pamper you daily from 5 pm!

The Roots Bar invites you to delicious, small snacks. Enjoy the cozy flair and the best drinks!

Signature Cocktails

bar murnau
Morning Club

Vodka | Croissant | Lemon juice | Apricot

modern Milkpunch variant with the fruit of the apricot and the velvety taste of a fresh croissant.

Strength: Medium

bar murnau
Eau de Triomphe

Vodka | Gooseberry | Lavender Tonka bean | Riesling sparkling wine

fresh, tangy trio of gooseberry, tonka bean and Riesling sparkling wine, ideal as an aperitif to tickle the tongue.

Strength: Medium

bar murnau
Boskop Boy

Gin | Red apple | Lemon verbena | Lime | Egg white

the Boskop apple, probably the oldest apple in Bavaria, is the namesake of this fresh sour variant.

Strength: Medium

bar murnau
Hiking Shoes

Rum | Sea buckthorn | Amaro Montenegro | Verjus | Bitters

the sea buckthorn, a top athlete among berries. At over 1800 meters, it occurs in our Alps and also lifts this old fashioned to lofty heights.

Strength: Strong

bar murnau

White port wine | Mirabelle plum liqueur | Verjus | Tonic

spicy port from the Douro Valley and fruity Bavarian mirabelle plum combine perfectly with the elegant acidity of Verjus.

Strength: Light

Text me!

Tequila | Strawberry | Red Port | Verjus | Bitters

Text Me! No more Words needed!

Strength: Strong

bar murnau
Mr. Brightside

Rum | Pisco | Ginger | Tangerine | Lime | Sugar | Licorice smoke

Spicy rum and fruity pisco combine with invigorating ginger and tangerine...the Bright Side of Life is calling.

Strength: Medium

bar murnau
Root No. 2

Gin | Carrot | Orange Lemongrass Cordial | Lemon Juice | Botanical Tonic

the sweet aroma of carrot meets fruity orange and the freshness of lemongrass and define a would successor to Root No. 1.

Strength: Medium

bar murnau
Dancing Cherry´s

Plantation Grand Reserve | Cascara Tea | Cherry Liqueur | Cynar

Cherry meets cherry. Dried coffee cherry meets our beloved cherries and becomes a harmonious Negroni variant through rum and Cynar.

Strength: Strong

bar murnau
Smoking Boar

Bacon bourbon | Smoked paprika | Horseradish | Angostura

Whisky, Speck und geräucherte Paprika. Würzig, vollmundig…UMAMI durch und durch.

Strength: Strong

Regional specialties and
international classics

Selected spirits and wines

In addition to our varied cocktail menu, Roots Bar also offers a selection of the finest brandies and an excellent wine list for connoisseurs and gourmets - to be precise, we can boast one of the ten best wine lists in the country. Guarino Tugnoli, a sommelier in a class of his own, will be happy to advise you and present you with particularly exquisite drops to suit your taste in the bar and restaurant.


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