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Massages and treatments during your wellness holiday in Bavaria

Choose from our nourishing facials or relax with a soothing massage. We will be happy to assist choosing the right treatment for you, so that you feel completely at ease and your wellness vacation with us in Bavaria becomes a unique experience. We will gladly take time for you and put together your own personal wellness program.

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Let yourself be pampered in our Wellness & Spa with our selected treatments and escape the stress of everyday life at the Alpenhof Murnau - the wellness hotel in Bavaria. Please reserve your desired treatments well in advance of your planned stay or send us an inquiry.

Get yourself pampered

Our spa menu offers you a wide range of wellness treatments from which you can choose your favorite. How about a soothing care for your feet and hands? Sit back and get a cosmetic manicure and pedicure from our trained employees.

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Signature Treatment

Classic back massage in combination with a warm Werdenfelser hay pillow

€ 110,00 | Duration: 50 min.
Werdenfels herbal hay works:

  • soothing for muscle and joint tension
  • positive effect on the respiratory tract
  • balancing
  • metabolism stimulating and purifying
  • relaxing and sleep-inducing
Classic massage

Intensive massage with sesame oil

€ 60,00 | Duration: 25 min.

€ 105,00 | Duration: 50 min.

Aroma massage

Choose your favorite aroma, the scent of the oils increases your well-being and harmonizes body and soul.

€ 70,00 | Duration: 25 min.

€ 110,00 | Duration: 50 min.

Time out for feet

Foot and lower leg massage promotes blood circulation and relaxes hardened leg muscles. This treatment ensures the release of stress-related tension.

€ 85,00 | Duration: 40 min.

Hot stone massage

Lasting, holistic healing massage with essential oils and hot lava stones. The warmth of the stones is transferred to the body and causes a deep-acting loosening of the muscles. Metabolism and blood circulation are stimulated and tensions are released.

€ 80,00 | Duration: 30 min.

€ 115,00 | Duration: 50 min.

Herbal stamp massage

A dreamlike feel-good experience for body, mind and soul. Gentle massage movements, wonderful scents and the pleasant warmth of the herbal stamps enable deep, beneficial relaxation. The immune system is strengthened and blood circulation is promoted.

€ 80,00 | Duration: 30 min.

€ 115,00 | Duration: 50 min.

Body treatments

Detox body

Detoxification treatment for the whole body with precious medicinal plants combined with pure organic aloe vera. This treatment purifies and decongests via the lymph, strengthens and firms the connective tissue, activates the metabolism, reduces cellulite. You will feel liberated and light.

€ 165,00 | Duration: 70 min.

Anti stress body

Deep relaxation and deceleration for skin and soul. The mind comes to rest. The nervous system can let go. Redness and traces of troubled skin are balanced. Intensive well-being and balance on all levels.

€ 140,00 | Duration: 60 min.

Anti aging body

The moisture depots in the skin are plumped up and flooded with intense light energy. The connective tissue is strengthened naturally. For silky smooth skin.

€ 165,00 | Duration: 70 min.

Facial treatments

Intensive moisturising treatment

The freshness kick for a lively and fresh look. Intensively moisturising application right into the depths of the skin.

€ 120,00 | Duration: 60 min.

Skin balance

Intensive deep cleansing. Balancing and regenerating treatment for impure skin. A refined skin texture and a wonderful feeling of well-being.

€ 120,00 | Duration: 60 min.

Joy for life

An experience of pure vitality and vitality. Through the use of naturally valuable active ingredients and the aloe vera fresh plant leaf, the skin becomes deeply moisturized and radiantly beautiful.

€ 120,00 | Duration: 60 min.

Detox face

A combination of active ingredients activates the lymphatic flow, decongests the tissue and improves the elasticity and resilience of your skin.

€ 120,00 | Duration: 60 min.

Anti aging repair

Highly effective plant complexes smooth lines and wrinkles and strengthen connective tissue.

€ 120,00 | Duration: 60 min.

Beautiful eyes

Eye circles, shadows and bags under the eyes are visibly reduced. The delicate skin area is firmed.

€ 60,00 | Duration: 30 min.

Men only

Let the signs of stress and tension soften with this special facial treatment and stimulate your cell renewal. Fresh look and smooth, radiant skin.

€ 120,00 | Duration: 60 min.

Cosmetic treatments

Cosmetic pedicure

We take care of you and your very individual beauty and pampering program.

€ 75,00 | Duration: 30 min.
€ 95,00 | with varnish

Cosmetic manicure

We take care of you and your very individual beauty and pampering program.

€ 65,00 | Duration: 30 min.
€ 85,00 | with varnish


wellnesshotel bayern
Rhassoul spa experience

A traditional Moroccan spa experience with natural care mud - has a cleansing and revitalizing effect. Your skin becomes smooth and soft. Pure oriental care culture.

The plus for body and soul:

  • Cleaning and care of the skin
  • Relaxation of the muscles
  • Healthy sweating
  • Promotion of the immune system

Duration: 30 min.

€ 80,00 | 1-2 persons
€ 130,00 | 3 persons
€ 170,00 | 4 persons

Roses bath

Luxury for the senses - look forward to a relaxing bath

€ 80,00 | Duration: 25 min.

Cleopatra bath

Bathing like Cleopatra in goat milk and honey

€ 80,00 | Duration: 25 min.


A refreshing bathing pleasure

€ 80,00 | Duration: 25 min.


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