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Murnau in Bavaria is known for its distinctive moss landscape. On around 4,200 hectares, an impressive mosaic of mosses, lichens, meadows and forests is created here, which is unique in Europe. The surrounding lakes, such as "Staffelsee" and "Kochelsee", are also worth a visit. Whether by boat to the smallest island in Bavaria or once by bike around the lake in Murnau - you should have a small picnic in any case in your luggage! If you want to take a look at the moss from above, try the "Heimgarten-", "Große Illing"- or "Hörnle" walk or go on the meditation trail around Murnau. Further tips and recommendations are summarized on this page or you may ask our reception directly on premise. We are happy to assist you!

Nature destinations

bohlenweg murnau
Murnauer Moos

With 32 km², the Murnauer Moos right on our doorstep is the largest contiguous near-natural mire area in Central Europe - and simply a feast for the eyes! 23 km² of the area have been designated as a nature reserve, where numerous endangered plants and animals find a secure habitat. 

murnau staffelsee
Lake Staffelsee & its islands

Eight square kilometers that we have really grown fond of: Our closest lake is a popular swimming lake with mild, boggy water that warms up quickly due to the lake's trough location. The seven small islands are wonderful spots for swimming breaks (the smallest, Jacob's Island, can fit just a handful of people) and make the whole setting all the more picturesque. You can also hike or bike around it for 20.5 km. A passenger boat also runs between Murnau, Seehausen and Uffing.


Germany's highest mountain even has its own postal code 82475: at 2962 meters above sea level, the Zugspitze rises about 11 kilometers south of Garmisch-Partenkirchen as the highest peak in the "Wetterstein" Mountains. For all those who want to go high up: With the help of the Bavarian Zugspitze Railway, a fascinating mountain tour through "Partnachklamm", "Reintal" and "Zugspitzplatt" can even be completed in one day. Once at the top, visitors have the opportunity to experience one of Germany's last glaciers up close. For those who prefer to stay down, the "Eibsee" is providing a wonderful panoramic view with its turquoise water around the little islands.

Walchensee power station

The "Walchensee" storage power plant is considered the cradle of industrial electricity generation in Bavaria and was completed as early as 1924. The difference in altitude between Lake "Walchensee" and Lake "Kochelsee" is used for this purpose. With an annual generation of around 300 million kilowatt hours (300 gigawatt hours), it is still one of the largest high-pressure storage power plants in Germany. Since 1983, it has also been a protected industrial monument that fascinates children and technology enthusiasts in its visitor center.

berg oberbayern

Front, middle or back "Hörnle": All three peaks of our local mountain are worth a visit. You can climb them on foot, use the "Hörnle" cable car or take a challenging bike ride up - however you like or your fitness level allows. Or you simply enjoy the view of the mountain being enlightened by the evening sun, just to realize how beautiful it is here.

berg blauen land
Heimgarten | Herzogstand

What a view! The panorama that you can enjoy from Munich's local mountain "Herzogstand" at 1731 m is simply spectacular. "Kochelsee", "Benediktenwand", "Walchensee", "Karwendel", "Wetterstein", "Zugspitze" and "Ammergau" Alps line up next to each other and offer one of the most sensational alpine experiences in our region.

Highline 179
Highline 179

A view that simply triggers adrenaline! A little courage is required on highline 179, the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in "Tibetstyle". HHowever, the courage is rewarded with a spectacular view, because you will hardly know where to look first, at a height of 114 m and a 360-degree view. In this case, "Little Tibet" is only an hour away from our hotel "Alpenhof Murnau" and is definitely worth a trip!

riegsee oberbayern

Village character, old farms and churches combined with the cozy lifestyle makes the charming "Riegsee" worth seeing, typical Bavarian.
Plus: Even though the mountains might not be as close, but just far enough that you can enjoy a magnificent view of the mountain range from the "Benediktenwand" in the east to the "Herzogstand" and "Heimgarten", the "Estergebirge" and the "Wetterstein" Mountains with the "Zugspitze" to the "Ammergauer" Mountains. A perfect swimming spot that can be easily reached from the hotel by bike.

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