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Regional partners at the Alpenhof Murnau

The whole is more than the sum of its parts.
This is especially true when we talk about your experiences. This would not be possible without a large number of partners who, like us, always strive to create the best quality with the greatest added value for you. That's why we select our partners with great care and place great value on regionality, sustainability and naturalness.

Flowers A. Müssig
Floral Art in Murnau

With Andreas Müssig, one of the best florists in Germany takes care of the flower arrangements in our house. Even we are thrilled every week when Andreas conjures up a completely new work of floral art in the lobby. If you would like to look over the professional's shoulder and take home a few tips for so-called "botanical styling", you are welcome to join him for his weekly decorations or visit his store in the town center. Learn more here.

Natural beauty & care

When choosing our care products, we attach great importance to high quality paired with natural ingredients.

In addition to the "Garmisch" hay pillow made from alpine herbs, which we use for our signature treatments, we also rely on renowned brands of natural and lifestyle cosmetics. L'Occitane, for example, is one of our partners in the beauty sector. With over 250 plant extracts in their formulas, the products here build on active ingredients of plant origin and are based, for example, on the natural efficacy of rowan, iris & Co.

Also at Pharmos Natur, a special deep effect is achieved through the use of 100 percent aloe vera organic primordial juice. If you are interested, our spa staff will be happy to explain the various treatments and find the one that suits you best.

Our Kulianrik partners

Vegetables from the Garden of Eden in Ohlstadt

Sweet temptations from the confectionery Krönner

White beers from the Karg brewery in Murnau

Fish from the Kochel & Walchensee lakes

Riegsee wine ox from the Mayr family

Mittenwalder Hell from Mittenwald

Beer seminar at the Griesbräu

Every second Tuesday, from May to September, the popular public beer seminar takes place in the brewery. Here you can earn your personal beer connoisseur diploma while sampling beers.

Discover our partners from the region

5 sterne hotel

Confectionery Krönner

We get our sweet little things from the confectionery Barbara Krönner, who knows your pleasure craft and with great pleasure run your traditional coffee house with confectionery. Since 2015 there is also the chocolate manufactory - here you can watch the production of chocolates and fine chocolates. So during a walk is worth a little stop in the chocolaterie or in the café with beautiful garden for a piece of cake.

5 sterne hotel

Karg Brewery

In Murnau, the beer tradition is lived. Already in the fourth generation, the Karg brewery is practicing the art of beer and sells a total of seven different wheat beers.

5 sterne hotel

Garden Eden

With his "Garden of Eden" Johannes Neuner has literally created a paradise. Specializing in old fruit, vegetable and plant varieties, we receive culinary rarities here that are hard to find elsewhere. In consultation with our chef Claus Gromotka, around 180 products are grown for us in the "Garden of Eden", freshly harvested - and in some cases exclusively. If you would like to take a trip to the vegetable paradise yourself, we would be happy to organize an appointment for you to visit.

5 sterne hotel

Brewery Mittenwald

Beer and Bavaria simply belong together. For example, you can enjoy the light beer from the Mittenwald brewery. Brewed with water from the brewery's own spring, the finest hops from the "Hallertau" region and Upper Bavarian malt, the basic recipe has not changed since 1860.

5 sterne hotel

Ludwig Haller GmbH

Thanks to our excellent meat suppliers, we can serve you very special creations. For example, we receive the coveted meat of the "Murnau Werdenfelser" cattle from the traditional butcher Ludwig Haller, who has been awarded the "Bundesehrenpreis" several times. This breed is one of the oldest in Bavaria and is characterized by its very high blood content of at least 96 percent.

5 sterne hotel

Pharmos Natur

At "Pharmos Natur", a special depth effect is achieved through the use of 100 percent aloe vera organic primordial juice. If you are interested, our spa team will be happy to explain the various treatments and find the one that suits you best.