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Discover the "Blauen Land" with our Moni now exclusively!

To the sunrise or sunset on the nearby "Hörnle" or through the "Murnauer Moos". Moni Floess shows you her home with information about the region, nice and amusing stories and with musical accompaniment by her zither.


Moss walk

Guided tour

Hörnle Hike

Huts meeting

Discover Upper Bavaria and the surroundings of Murnau on a hike around the "Staffelsee" or in the surrounding mountains. The so-called "Blauen Land" is a true hiker's paradise: Directly on the doorstep of the Alpenhof Murnau stretches a magnificent natural landscape and a breathtaking mountain panorama.

Private walks

During guided hikes or guided tours, Murnau and the "Blaue Land" with its special features will be brought closer to you.

Experiences for your event

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Yoga by Yogablu

Turn off the worries of everyday life and immerse yourself in a world of relaxation

From "Early Bird" classes, to classes for all levels, to special yoga classes, we offer various courses together with "Yogablu". Take some time out during your stay and discover the power of meditation and yoga: for more peace, serenity and strength. No matter if you are a newcomer or experienced, we have the right trainer for you.

Group size: up to 15 people

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Guide Moni Floess

Walks, bike rides & much more!

An exploration of the area with our local guide, an experience in itself! Whether an entertaining guided tour of Murnau or a bike ride through nature - each activity is an enrichment for your event.

  • guided moss walk
  • cultural and entertaining local tour
  • guided mountain tour to the "Hörnle"
  • guided bike tour through the "Murnauer Moos" or around the lake "Staffelsee
  • torchlight hike

Group size: up to 20 people

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Hut evening

Bavarian evening at our "Bockhütte"

Tradition and connection to the region is not only capitalized in the Alpenhof Murnau, it is really lived with us. Experience a piece of mountain history in the over 100 year old "Bockhütte".

Facts about the cottage:

  • Size: 25 m²
  • Number of guests inside: maximum 20 people
  • Number of guests outside: maximum 50 people
  • Heating: wood stove
  • Use: all year round
  • Hut quietness from 10.00 p.m.
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Embrace Your Breath

Movement & Yoga - Special breathing technique - Cold therapy - Meditation and the power of the mind.

The Alpenhof in the "Blauen Land" in the middle of the "Murnauer Moos" is a place of power. Here, on the northern edge of the Bavarian Alps not far from "Staffelsee", you can still experience nature in its original form. A perfect place to recharge your batteries and experience the moment in its purest form. You want to free yourself from bad habits, reduce stress, fully exploit your potential, find your way back to yourself. We will show you the way.

  • Workshop - Fundamental
  • Workshop - Breathing is life
  • Workshop - The power of cold

Group size: up to 15 people

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Riessersee Events

Your professional experience partner for customized social programs and team events in the alpine region.

You want to inspire your employees and customers? Our extraordinary event modules ensure sustainable success for your company.

  • Outdoor team building
  • White water rafting,
  • Team rally
  • Archery

Group size:

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SUP by Freeride Guide

A Stand Up Paddle event is an unforgettable experience.


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