Yavanna Signature Treatment

Hay pillow with Werdenfels mountain meadow hay.

Werdenfelser herb hay works...

- relieves muscle and joint tension
- positive for the respiratory tract
- balancing
- stimulates the metabolism and purifies
- relaxing and promoting sleep

Werdenfelser herb hay comes from an alpine meadow strewn with colorful alpine flowers and medicinal herbs in the Werdenfelser Land. It belongs to a particularly valuable, species-rich biotope on the Kochelberg above Garmisch-Partenkirchen. This late mowing in July, the so-called "Wiesmahd", enables the plants to bloom and thus guarantees an unique biodiversity of well over 100 varieties such as B. lady's mantle, St. John's wort, mint, valerian or plantain.

Classic back massage in combination with a warm Werdenfels hay pillow

€ 60,-
Feel-good time: 45 minutes

Classic back or full body massage
Intensive massage with sesame oil for the back, shoulders and neck.
€ 40, - / 64, -
Feel-good time: 25/50 minutes

Aroma back or full body massage
Choose your favorite flavor, the scent of oils enhances your well-being and harmonizes body and soul.
€ 45, - / 79, -
Feel-good time: 25/50 minutes

Time out for the feet
How to go on clouds. The soothing foot and lower leg massage promotes blood circulation and relaxes the hardened leg muscles. Stimulating and revitalizing, this application ensures the resolution of stress-related stress states.
€ 50, -
Feel-good time: 40 minutes


Herbal massage
The entire body is embalmed with special, warm oils and massaged with ink pads. Self-healing powers are activated, the circulation is stimulated and the skin is moisturized. This treatment is absolutely relaxing.
€ 45, - only back; Feel-good time: 30 minutes
€ 95, -; Feel-good time: 70 minutes

Hot stone massage
Sustainable, holistic healing massage with essential oils and hot lava stones. The heat of the stones is transmitted to the body and causes a deep relaxation of the muscles. Metabolism and blood circulation are stimulated and tension is released.
€ 45, - only back; Feel-good time: 30 minutes
€ 95, -; Feel-good time: 70 minutes

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