Strengthen your immune system

The correct breath control gives you the little extra to your holiday

The Alpenhof is a place of power. Here on the northern edge of the Bavarian Alps not far from the Staffelsee and directly at the Murnauer Moos you will experience nature in its original form. The perfect place to recharge your batteries and experience every moment pure and conscious. As every single breath can support you in your relaxation and recovery, here at the Alpenhof Murnau we offer a special program that helps you to free yourself from bad habits, reduce stress and find the way back to yourself.

  • Movement & Yoga
  • Special breath control and technique
  • Cold/cryo therapy
  • Mediation & power of spirit

These are the Pro´s guiding you

Moritz Ross

  • from Berlin
  • Coach for movement, breathing and cold/cryo therapy
  • Certified „Wim Hof Method“ Instructor


Ameli Neureuther

  • from Garmisch-Partenkirchen
  • certified yoga teacher and artist

Movement, breathing and wellbeing in nature


How do you start your day usually? Do you feel healthy and strong? Are you happy? Just imagine how balanced you would feel if you could answer all those questions with a convinced „Yes“. Everything you need for it – our coaches will guide and assist you. Aside that you are accompanied by the beautiful mountain panoramic view, incredible silence and nature giving you the needed energy to regain your stability.

What does conscious breathing do for you?

Our life begins with a breath and it also ends with one. In between, we breathe countless times, mostly completely unconsciously. In stressful situations and endless days of work, our breathing is often shallow and wrong. Breathing is life and the oxygen we breathe in is our elixir, our life force. The saying „Take a deep breath“ has it´s meaning. Just simply try: Take a moment and breath in & out – conscious and deep – and you will see a difference. Do you feel how the energy is flowing back into you and how your mind calms? Though breathing is controlled by the autonomic nerve system and just happens, we are still able to control. We can hold our breath. With conscious breathing, we can control our thoughts and emotions and recharge our batteries at any time.

Our mind is the master of the body and the breath is the master of the mind. Only a calm mind can really concentrate, focus and cope with stress.

Deep conscious breathing makes you healthy and happy.

What are the benefits of ice bathing and cold/cryo therapy?

What do you do if you have a swollen knee or bumped your head? Correct: You put ice on it. And what´s the reason for it? Cold relieves inflammation and pain. Putting your whole body in ice water takes effort and courage. And therein you will find the appeal and effect of cold therapy: you expose yourself to an extreme situation, your body is in survival mode and yet you remain completely calm. Your breath will help you to turn off your mind and simply experience the moment. In this short time, many important processes are set in motion within your body and mind that strengthen your immune system and assist you to to a positive change. The experience of staying calm in a stressful situation and having left your comfort zone strengthens self-esteem and can be transferred to everyday life. Same as breathing exercises, cold therapy should be understood as training. Those who regularly "train" will learn more about the wonderful advantages and benefits of it. The cold allows you to connect to nature and yourself. Be open to something new!


Impressions from the Alpenhof Murnau