Active vacation in Bavaria

for more balance & power

You feel listless, lacking in energy and need a break from everyday life? With us at the Alpenhof Murnau you will find your inner center again and can concentrate completely on yourself. Be aware of your body, let go of all tension and concentrate completely on your breathing. 

More balance and equilibrium make for a more relaxed everyday life and help you feel less stress. And even if you have not yet had any experience with yoga, meditation, breathing exercises and power places - just give it a try during your active vacation with us in Bavaria.

More power with yoga

Experience the many positive effects on body and mind - yoga exercises not only provide deep relaxation, they also provide more flexibility and strength in everyday life. With the various yoga and meditation courses of Yogablu you escape from everyday life and come to rest.

More mindfulness through conscious breathing

Feel the power of conscious breath - for more relaxation, calming and tranquility. In the "Embrace your Breath" courses you will learn special breathing techniques and feel the many benefits of conscious breathing. With the Wim Hof breathing technique you will be freed from negative energies and release blockages.

More energy in places of power

Discover the magical places and places with a positive energy - places of power are usually located in untouched and pristine nature. Here you can perceive very specific vibrations and energies, where you can recharge your batteries and strengthen both body and mind.


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