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Beautiful routes around Murnau

Hiking in Upper Bavaria

Discover Upper Bavaria and the surroundings of Murnau on a hike around the Staffelsee or in the surrounding mountains. The so-called "Blaues Land" is a true hiker's paradise: Directly in front of the Alpenhof Murnau's doorstep stretches a magnificent natural landscape and a breathtaking mountain panorama. Explore our beautiful region of Murnau with the mountains of Upper Bavaria on one of the hiking trails and hike along the lake "Staffelsee", "Riegsee" and "Froschsee" in the almost untouched nature reserve.

There is something for every hiker

Many kilometers of hiking trails around the lake "Staffelsee" meander through the "Blauen Land". In Upper Bavaria, hiking trails of varying lengths between 2 and 25 km lead through the beautiful landscape, making hiking at "Staffelsee" a real experience. 
An absolute must for nature lovers is a hike through the "Murnauer Moos2, which covers an area of 32 km2 on the northern edge of the Bavarian Alps and is the largest preserved moorland in Central Europe. A hike here should not be missed at all. But also on shorter hikes around the "Staffelsee" you will come to viewpoints that will inspire you, thanks to our unique landscape of Upper Bavaria.

Explore the nature at lake "Staffelsee"

The different lengths of the "Staffelsee" hiking trails offer numerous opportunities for young and old to discover nature and enjoy the beautiful Murnau landscape in the foothills of the Alps. Along the way there is often the possibility to shorten the hiking route, should your legs get tired. You prefer to go by bike? No problem! Discover also our family bike tours and mountain bike tours through Upper Bavaria.

Hiking tours in Murnau

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Heimgarten and Herzogstand

Panoramic tour for experts

Challenging hike, among other things, to our local mountain, the "Heimgarten", with a gigantic panoramic view, including a ridge hike to the "Herzogstand" with a view over lake "Walchensee" and the "Karwendel" and an optional ascent or descent with the "Herzogstand" cable car. Refreshments are available at the "Heimgartenhütte" and the "Herzogstandhaus".

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"Pfaffenwinkel" Milk Trail

On the milk trail, all the components of successful dairy farming are addressed at ten stations. In addition to milk products, the fodder supply, the rearing from calf to cattle and the work of the farmer throughout the year are covered. The starting point is the "Schöneggerkäsealm" in "Schönegg", where you can fortify yourself at the end of the tour with a fresh glass of milk and many cheese specialties.

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Art walk through Murnau

It is certainly no coincidence that the painters of the "Blaue Reiter" loved the "Blaue Land", the area around Murnau. The panorama of the Alps, the gently rolling landscape lines, the view over the moor, the lush meadows, the beauty of the lakes and life in the countryside, all this fascinated the painters of the Blaue Reiter and inspired them to great art. The "Griesbräu" brewery with its Bavarian cuisine offers a stop for refreshments.

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Lake Staffelsee

Along with the Moos round path, it is the classic among the "Blauen Land" hiking trails, for which, however, you need to bring a certain amount of stamina and a lot of time in view of the length of over 20 kilometers. The trail begins on the southern shore of the lake and leads along the beautiful Moos landscape to Uffing, where you can stop for refreshments in the beer garden of the "Alpenblick" lake restaurant. From the boat landing stage there, you can either be ferried back or complete the last few kilometers on foot.

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The royal path

Majestic views and insights: it's a hike that enchants and quenches your thirst for knowledge at the same time. On the nature and forest nature trail with 17 stations and two information pavilions, you can learn everything about the historical path through the foothills of the Alps and the special features of the surrounding nature.

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Murnauer Moos

Discover nature

The hike first leads along the streams Ramsach and Lindach, always with changing impressions of Moos and the nearby mountains, to then branch off onto the "Bohlensteig". Again and again, the hiker gets a breathtaking view of the "Murnauer Moos". At the end of the loop, you return to the "Ramsachkircherl". Here you can visit the church and stop in the beer garden or inn "Ähndl" can.

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