The Alpenhof Nature Principle

The Murnauer Moos has always had its own fascination for its viewers. His unique play of colors and light against the backdrop of the Bavarian Prealps inspired artists such as Franz Marc, Gabriele Münter and Wassily Kandinsky. It is therefore no coincidence that it was here that the "Blaue Reiter" movement arose and from our Murnau the modern art world was completely transformed. Since then, the Murnauer Moos has lost none of its effectiveness and touches us every day anew!


Nature as a clock

With our NATURE TIME principle, we want to give our guests just these special moments. Located directly on Murnauer Moos, we orientate ourselves to the rhythm of nature. The times of the year and of the day in the Alpenhof Murnau not only determine what is served on the plate or which wine swirls in the glass, but also when it goes on which mountain, how it smells in the spa or if our guests take a discovery tour into the Murnau moor takes!
The special feature: We pay attention not only to the nature that surrounds us, but also to the inner rhythm of the person who as a sensitive chronometer in everyday life only too often has to work against their own tact. At the Alpenhof Murnau, we endeavor to create as much space as possible so that everyone can spend their time here with us. At the same time we provide the right "ingredients" for a completely natural well-being with our guests.


It’s a matter of timing!

Christian Bär - hotel manager and native Murnauer - knows the region like the back of his hand and likes to share his knowledge about the many very special places around the Murnauer Moos. He knows when it's worth climbing the Hörnle to enjoy the 360 ​​° view, or why you should be at the Ähndl at dusk. His favorite places and many other tips we have summarized for our guests in the Alpenhof moments! Because no matter whether you prefer a hiking tour in the mountains or a trip into the history of art - thanks to our ideal location on the Murnau Moor, the Alpenhof guests have the free choice. From here you can explore both the impressive nature as well as the lively cultural scene in Murnau itself. Also due to the immediate proximity to Munich our guests have every opportunity open.


Cooking after mother nature

The most important "performers" in the Alpenhof's exclusive kitchen are the high-quality ingredients. What products are available to our chef Claus Gromotka determines the nature of our "Blue Land". From the local fish from the surrounding lakes to the lamb from the neighboring farmer to Bavarian original vegetables, which are otherwise hard to find - in the Alpenhof Murnau, the ingredients are fresh and from the region into the house. Depending on the season, season and crop yield, our chef creates new creations every day and combines natural energy sources to create delicious moments of enjoyment. His culinary works of art are as colorful as the Murnauer Moos themselves.


Feel-good moments at the right time

And no matter whether your're more lark or an owl - every guest gets their money's worth through the long opening hours at the Alpenhof Spa. In addition, we ensure well-being with specially designed infusions and scrubs. If it smells of cinnamon, juniper & Co. in the sauna in winter, the refreshing ice cream is ready in spring. Both in the treatments with our natural products from the Alm as well as in the sauna and water world, we pay attention to adapt our offers to the natural biorhythm and to give our guests valuable tips home. Interested parties can find out, for example, which power is in which fruit or which cereal is best suited for them.


History - Alpenhof Murnau

Founder of Alpenhof Murnau is the hotelier Hellmut Hofmann, who died in 1993. He operated two motorway service stations in the Spessart in the 50s and 60s, which financially enabled him to realize an entrepreneurial dream: the construction of a motel-style hotel, for which he chose his favorite landscape of the Prealps. The construction plan for the hotel was approved by the region. So Hofmann opened his Alpenhof after more than a year of construction on 16 June 1967.
Hotel character, architecture and interior design should correspond in the opinion of the hotel founder to the character of the landscape. With just over 30 rooms, the house was predestined for the soon very popular hospitality of the competent and courteous staff. The particularly beautiful and quiet location addressed the needy as well as the discerning conference guest. The kitchen was distinguished in the judgment of the restaurant guides as particularly noteworthy.

Hellmut Hofmann led the Alpenhof from the very beginning with great success: The numbers and capacity utilization were well received by the guests and the hotel was increasingly gaining in popularity and sympathy.

At the beginning of the 90s, Hellmut Hofmann decided to sell the Alpenhof for health reasons. Among the interested parties was also Erivan Haub, who as a former regular guest was able to take over the hotel and make it moreover by means of costly investments for the future. But especially the personal connection to the hotel and many meetings with the management team of entrepreneur Haub led Hofmann to entrust his "child" to the successful entrepreneur colleague.

The handover of the hotel took place in the spring of 1992. After extensive renovations, the Alpenhof Murnau reopened its doors in May 1993. Further construction measures until December 1999 enabled a doubling of the capacity to nearly 80 rooms & suites, the construction of an elegant bathing area and the establishment of conference rooms. The ceremonial handover to the guests took place in the course of the millennium change on 1 January 2000. The building measures with a total investment volume of at that time 30 million Marks made the Alpenhof its up to today elevated living comfort and a clearly beautified leisure and wellness offer for the guests possible.