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Aloe Vera Behandlung

Body Treatments


Alaya Me (Pharmos Natur)

Body-peeling-massage with precious, sun-ripened Himalayan herbs
Pure energy boost, a wholesome and complete sensual feeling. Just let go, unwind and feel the surge of energy. Choose either a vitalising back treatment with foot, leg and buttock massage, or a complete body treatment.

EUR 120,- Duration of treatment: 90 minutes

Veda Me (Pharmos Natur)

Purification treatment for the whole body
A very soothing and relaxing full body purification massage for a light and energized feel. During this treatment you are pampered with natural Aloe Vera and precious selected oils such as the juvenescent fruit oil of the Chilean hazelnut and the delicate rose cream.

EUR 110,-
Duration of treatment: 90 minutes

Figure Shaper (Clarins Lift-Minceur)

Intensive stimulating treatment refines the appearance of skin, perking up overall tone and helping your body to look smoother and more streamlined. Circulation is boosted, reducing fluid retention. Our natural beauty secret... Peruvian Uncaria Tomentosa, which helps toprevent the body from storing excess fats.

EUR 80,-
Duration of treatment: 60 minutes

Fermeté de Guyane (Clarins Raffermissant)

Restores youthful firmness and deep-downluxurious softness to skin that's starting to lose condition. Your body looks and feels more supple, toned and revitalized, your skin is nourished and satin-smooth and stretch marks are less noticeable. Our natural beauty secret... Bocoa, an ancient Amazonian tree known for its firming properties.

EUR 80,-
Duration of treatment: 60 minutes

Anti Ageing Special (Clarins Régénérant)

A youth-boost for skin that looks dry, dull and lined, this makes a real impact on smoothness, softness and luminosity. It's particularly good for skin that's showing signs of ageing and sun damage (like age spots on the chest) or simply neglect. Our natural beauty secret... Indian Cashew Nut Oil, which helps to nourish and smooth skin tone.

EUR 80,-
Duration of treatment: 60 minutes

Dry Peeling

With specially designed gloves this soft peeling removes small skin particles leaving a pure and silky softness.

EUR 25,-
Duration of treatment: 15 minutes

Sea salt Peeling

This sparkling and vibrant peeling method with the use fine salt granules results in a soft and smooth finish.

EUR 40,-
Duration of treatment: 30 minutes



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