Massage, spa at the hotel Alpenhof Murnau
Hotel Alpenhof Murnau spa massages

Classic back or whole body massage

€ 38,-/64,-
feel-good time: 25/50 minutes

Aromatic back or whole body massage

€ 45,-/79,-

feel-good time: 25/50 minutes

Foot reflexology massage

€ 50,- 
feel-good time: 40 minutes

Hot Stone Massage

Long-lasting, holistic therapeutic massage with essential oils and hot lava stones. The heat of the stones is transferred to the body and causes a deep-penetrating loosening of the musculature. Metabolism and blood circulation are stimulated and tension is loosened.

€ 45,- back only                                € 95,-
feel-good time: 30 minutes                feel-good time: 70 minutes

Herbal stamp massage

The whole body is covered with special, warm oils and massaged with stamp pads. Self-healing powers are activated, the circulation is boosted and the skin is supplied with moisture. This treatment has an absolutely relaxing effect. 

€ 45,- back only                           € 95,-
feel-good time: 30 minutes           feel-good time: 70 minutes