Hiking around Murnau

The Blue Land is a paradise for cycling and hiking!

Directly from the Alpenhof, many interesting routes lead off in all directions and satisfy the widest variety of requirements. On the hotel's doorstep a gorgeous setting opens up for the hiker and cyclist, which offers many different ways to experience nature.

A must for nature-lovers is what is probably the Blue Land's most beautiful hiking and cycling route through the Murnauer Moos. This place is unique in Central Europe and its core area alone measures around 32 square kilometres.

Around the lakes of Staffelsee, Riegsee and Froschsee, various routes from 2 to 25 km in length lead through untouched countryside and nature reserve areas.

The mountains are on the doorstep – there are countless possibilities for mountain climbers and mountain bikers.

But even on short hikes you will come to impressive vantage points, thanks to our unique landscape.

We will of course prepare a picnic for your rucksack every day.

We will be happy to help you with the selection of a route suitable for you.


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