Child care "Kidsevent"

The team from Kidsevent consists of many freelance employees and the founder and manager Axel Peuckert. All employees are either educators, kindergartners or have already gathered wide experience with children.

Axel Peuckert (born 1972) first took on many management functions in youth work in Munich (children's and youth groups, children's tent camps, trips abroad with young people), before working on the club ship AIDA as a holiday rep for children and young people.

After successful completion of his studies to be a teacher he moved to Hamburg to produce the child and youth concept of the Hamburg company SeeLive Tivoli for the club ship AIDA fleet and bring it to life. After 3 years of dedicated work for the ships, he had the idea of using his extensive knowledge on land as well.

The company Kidsevent was founded and for around 8 years the child experts have been ensuring a good atmosphere and radiant eyes at parties, and relaxed parents when it comes to child care.


Phone: +49 (0) 8841 4910
E-Mail: info <at>

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