Hotel philosophy & history


With lots of family tradition and the accompanying down-to-earth orientation, we have always put the focus on the well-being of our guests. In the middle of our fantastic natural landscape of mountains, lakes and peatland meadows it has for decades been the power and down-to-earth character of this special site, but especially the warm and familiar atmosphere, that characterise our exclusive, fine country house.

The painter Franz Marc, one of the founders of the Murnau artists' group "Blauer Reiter" (Blue Rider), described his beloved chosen homeland in a letter to his wife at the beginning of the 20th century in connection with its special moods of light and colour: "Blue is the only colour with which I feel comfortable over the long term."

It is the feel-good factor that has characterised our establishment amid the "Blue Land" since it was founded. Peace and recuperation is a major and popular argument for our guests. As well as the extraordinary country location it is surely the unique mixture of Upper-Bavarian exclusivity combined with the diverse range of cultural activities of the charming Upper-Bavarian market community by the Staffelsee.

Putting the focus on people is not just an empty cliché for us: we attach particularly great importance to humanity and service from firm conviction, because deeply and honestly held values come out from the inside and can only be authentically conveyed if friendliness is spread throughout the establishment as a noticeable leitmotiv.

We offer you joy, beauty and pleasure every day. This includes tasteful accommodation, good food and drink and thoroughly regenerative relaxation. It is always a great pleasure to us when this beauty is appreciated by you, our guests. Only then is it real for us.


The Alpenhof Murnau was founded by the hotelier Hellmut Hofmann, who died in 1993. In the 50s and 60s he ran two autobahn service areas in the Spessart region, which gave him the financial resources to realise an entrepreneur's dream: construction of a hotel arranged as a motel. For the site, he selected the landscape of the Alpine foothills which he particularly loved. The plan for the construction of the hotel met with approval in the region. So it was that Hofmann opened his Alpenhof after a construction time of more than one year on the 16th June 1967.

It was the opinion of the hotel founder that the hotel's character, architecture and interior design should suit the character of the landscape. With its just over 30 rooms, the hotel was predestined for the soon afterwards very popular hospitality of the able and helpful employees. The particularly beautiful and peaceful location appealed to people wanting to recuperate as well as demanding conference guests. The cuisine was also distinguished as particularly remarkable in the opinion of the restaurant guide.

From 1972 to 2007 the Alpenhof was listed in the exclusive hotel association Relais & Châteaux. With an extended profile of services and target groups, the hotel switched over in 2008 to the top-class and renowned association of globally leading luxury hotels, Resorts und Spas, the "Small Luxury Hotels of the World".

Hellmut Hofmann managed the Alpenhof with great success from the beginning: the figures and occupancy rates reflected the great acceptance among the guests and the hotel gained increasing popularity and goodwill.

At the beginning of the 90s Hellmut Hofmann decided to sell the Alpenhof for health reasons. Among those interested was Erivan Haub, who as a former regular guest was in a position to take over the hotel and beyond this to make it fit for the future by means of extensive investments. In particular, however, it was the personal attachment to the hotel and many conferences with the management team of the entrepreneur Haub which persuaded Hofmann to entrust his "child" to the successful fellow entrepreneur.

The handing-over of the hotel took place in the spring 1992. After extensive renovation work, the Alpenhof Murnau opened its doors again in May 1993. Further building measures until December 1999 enabled a doubling of the capacities to just under 80 rooms, the construction of an elegant bathing landscape and the setting-up of conference rooms. The ceremonial handing-over to the guests took place on the occasion of the turn of the millennium on 1st January 2000. The building measures with a total investment volume of at that time 30 million marks enabled the Alpenhof to acquire its still enhanced standards of living comfort and substantially beautified range of leisure and wellness facilities for the guests.