Our Alpenstüberl

In the quaint rustic atmosphere of the hotel's own vaulted cellar you will enjoy typically Bavarian hospitality. Two rooms separated from each other by round arches and the large, all-round bar and the rustic wooden bar provide space for up to 80 people and are ideally suitable for casual Bavarian evenings or as a private bar.

Imagine that you are sat in a lodge in the Alpine foothills one evening. You are enjoying honest, refined, Bavarian dishes and realise that, here, Bavarian tradition is lived out with authentic cuisine. If you can imagine this then you have an impression of what it is like in our Alpenstüberl.

The vault is suitable for groups from 15 to approx. 55 people. Here we would like to spoil you with sociable, Alpine specialities. It is also possible, thanks to the integrated bar, to create a cosy private room for you and your guests, where you can bring the evening to a pleasant end together.

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Vanessa Knilling
Phone: +49 (0) 8841 491322 and +49 (0) 8841 491317
E-Mail: veranstaltung <at> alpenhof-murnau.com

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